Vishalakshi Foundation

About us

Who we are:

Vishalakshi Foundation has goals of eradicating hunger and promoting literacy.

Vishalakshi Foundation is a youth-led Indian non-profit organization that was founded in 2019 with the goals of eradicating hunger and promoting literacy. In the last 5 years, we have fed 1.8M freshly made nutritious meals and operate 17 free Dream Schools located in different cities, serving quality education to over 2000 children coming from low income background families. Our only goal is to eradicate hunger from India and guarantee that every child has access to a healthy lifestyle, education, and the hope of a better future.

No povertyy
Best education
Clean water
Good health

About Us

We believe every child deserves a chance and an equal opportunity to live a happy and healthy childhood. Our goal is to rise as a global institution that reaches every child, losing their childhood to poverty, hunger, or any kind of violence and to provide them a safe place to learn and grow.

Vishalakshi Foundation


To become a leading organization that guarantees every impoverished child a safe and healthy upbringing.



To improve the standard of living by guaranteeing each child's right to survival,
protection, development and involvement.

Our Promise:

With the support of top talent and a nationwide team of 8,000 volunteers, we will keep making a positive difference in lives both in India and around the globe.

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