Project Dream School

Project Dream School

"Education is the fundamental right of every child as it brings out the purpose of life.” VISHALAKSHI FOUNDATION works to provide quality education and opportunities to children of the slum.

Overall development stands the aim of our Dream Schools so that children can follow their dreams, be self-reliant and create a better tomorrow.

Currently, we are operating 4 Dream Schools, 2 in Gurgaon and 2 in Lucknow with a total of 300+ budding talents and even amidst the Covid 19 situation, the schools are functional, following all the norms of social distancing.

Our dream school isn’t limited just to studies but various activities like – early morning exercise, yoga sessions, gratitude day and sports day are organised.

Snack breaks to motivate children and to keep their spirits high are also there.

Properly furnished benches, stationary, and good mentors are available here.

To avail all the benefits, awareness regarding rights and government schemes are given to them.