Dream Slum

The Dream Slum

Dream Slum is not just a mere idea but a plan in action and the focus remains on good education, good health care, safe environment and financially independent families.

Dream Schools with properly furnished benches and stationary items are availed in slums.

Due to Covid–19 and the second wave of corona, many people lost their daily livelihood so to support them, a ration scheme for a whole family was initiated, under which all the families of our adopted slums are getting regular ration kits.

Regular development of slums is done as per requisite. Slums are properly furnished with beautifully painted tin walls, dustbins, garden and a clean environment.

In the last 7 months we have adopted 3 such slums, by the end of 2021, we hope to build many more Dream Slums and Dream Schools.

Creating Livelihood

No one should be dependent on others for survival as there’s always a way out to work hard and get paid for it. Vishalakshi Foundation through it’s Dream Slum Project is determined to create livelihoods for every family in many ways.

  • All the ration and vegetables are bought from local vendors of the slum to help them make more sales and profit.
  • To generate some extra income apart from their regular unorganised jobs, food is prepared by slum people only.
  • A tailor to teach other girls and women is hired from the slum itself to help her earn a living.
  • All the maintenance related work of the school is done with the help of people of the slum for which they get paid on a regular basis.
  • We connect all the individuals who are in search of jobs as house help or cook with the people who are in search of them through social media.
  • A barber shop has been opened for a young boy who was a daily wage labour but now owns that salon.
  • Due to Covid-19 crisis, people lost their means of earning so we lent them equipment they needed for their businesses. For instance, we purchased a sewing machine to help a man start his business again.

Many more projects are being planned so that help can be provided to all the families.

So please, come forward and support us. Remember every penny counts! And it will help to bring a smile and a change in the life of many such unfortunate kids. Help Vishalakshi in this noble initiative of Dream Slum Project. If not us? Who? If not now? When?

Vishalakshi Foundation