Dream Slum

The Dream Slum

"As you sow, so you shall reap."Dream Slum Project is an initiative started to give our contribution for the betterment of the people living in slums.

The word "slum" mean just that crowded area where poverty ridden people reside, who are underprivileged and not necessarily poor by heart.

Our aim is to provide them opportunity to learn in different ways possible. "Education is the fundamental right of every individual and is a necessity in today's scenario." We are here to provide them every avenue of learning materialistically through distributing books, notebooks, colours, colouring books, benches, tables, mats, towels, slippers and necessary stationary items. So, that none of them feel deprived of anything and they stand up straight and confident to achieve their goals in life. Our second and foremost goal remains access to good nutritioned food to them. We as an NGO have put out immense strength to raise the fund required for all this. And the consequences are making us provide them a dream life and fulfilling our goal as well. In this Corona phase of immense stress and intimidation we are risking out lives in order to save and nurture each and every life possible. In consideration with all the required precautions, we are addressing them how to curb this virus and other harmful diseases that can communicate from person to another.

We distributed masks and provided sanitation facilities for maintenance of proper hygiene. Proper hygiene is required as some slum children either die of hunger or are facing malnutrition. So we target "Zero Hunger". We did an excessive drive using diggers and excavators for cleaning the slum area for making it more greener than dusty. We have placed separate dustbins for bio-degradable and non-biodegradable substances to promote cleanliness drive. This more than 3 months of hard work have turned out to be exceptionally great as you all can go through our page and found out yourself.

We organised small party for the children so that they can feel a little pampered and can enjoy the beauty of life among themselves. In addition, we have tried to shape every child physically, mentally and socially. We encouraged them by providing them gifts to work harder academically. Not only this, we are trying to generate employment for the unemployed parents and adults residing there. Employment is the major need for surviving. As income can not only buy the commodities to live a desired life but also makes the individual independent so that they can further preach and make their child grow and learn to face the challenges of life. So this way, if we "Keep walking on the way to hard work, the way shall appear."

So please, come forward and support us. Remember every penny counts! And it will help to bring a smile and a change in the life of many such unfortunate kids. Help Vishalakshi in this noble initiative of Dream Slum Project. If not us? Who? If not now? When?

Vishalakshi Foundation