COVID-19 Rescue Operation

COVID-19 Rescue Operation Highlights

As the unprecedented situation of pandemic arose in 2020, many people lost their lives, some lost their source of income and the most side-lined people lost their access to food.

Team VF set its pace to reach every individual to drive out hunger to make sure no person sleeps an empty stomach.

As the 2nd pandemic phase hit India, situation worsened but team VF did its foremost deed to provide humanitarian assistance and there is stopping behind since then.

Extensive Food Drives

  • Pandemic, lockdown and diseases left many people and their families below poverty line where children, women, daily wage workers all being the most affected ones.
  • Working together to save these precious lives, we provide regular free meal assistance.
  • We feed 500 people every day.More than 25000 food packets have been distributed so far and the work remains still in progress.

Ration Drives

  • Many people are deprived of basic food requirements.
  • India is ranked 94 out of 107 countries in Global Hunger Index, 2020. It is evident that India is under "Serious Hunger" category and people are dying of hunger.
  • With our mission of "0% HUNGER" we provided 1000+ ration kits to more than 100 families and are working recklessly towards feeding them.

Health Care Provisions

Heath remains the first priority. We also work towards providing underprivileged, the basic necessities to maintain a healthy life. These includes:

Sanitary pads distribution

  • May 28 marks "World Menstrual Hygiene Day". Supportive assistance to curb taboo regarding menstruation, we led an awareness program for slum women to explain the importance of Menstrual hygiene for women
  • IWe provided 250+ sanitary pads free of cost to ensure no deprivation in basic cleanliness needs during this unfortunate phase.

Milk distribution

  • Milk consumption is a necessity for healthy growth of a child. Many slum children are malnourished and have no intake of healthy food resources.
  • Many recent Milk Drives ensured good protein intake for proper development of children. So far more than 1200+ milk packets have been distributed.

Mental Health Awareness Session

  • The pandemic has brought into light the importance of mental health followed by Doomsday Scrolling.
  • As a result of these difficult times, many people are facing mental illness like depression.
  • To help people tackle this, we held a session on mental health awareness.
  • This was hosted by Arushi Sethi, an expert of Trijog and the whole money raised was utilized in feeding people.

Masks and sanitizers distribution

  • Masks and sanitizers are the new normal. It is a must for everyone to carry mask to stay safe.
  • Considering this prerequisite, free mask distribution with a count approaching 3000 was done.
  • Proper precautionary measures are taken by the team all the while addressing people and during mass food distributions.

Covid Resources Lead Verification

  • When the whole country was in turmoil at the beginning of 2nd phase of COVID 19.
  • Extreme shortages of beds, oxygen, plasma donors, relief medicines or drugs etc. created a hype and false source prices varied to people's disadvantage.
  • Entrusted communication between the verified resources and the people was bridged effectively by the team through the support of its followers.

Covid Kit distribution

  • Shortage of oxygen cylinders and other equipments led increasing death trolls and cases in the country.
  • To mitigate this situation, we provided medicinal assistance through basic Covid Kits for needy people which included mask, sanitizer.